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Hi. Frank here from T&S Tours.

On an ordinary Thursday, I sparked and reached for my phone, settling into my usual game of “Skip-Roulette”– you know, where you tap and scroll through infinite menu items on Skip-the-Dishes to try and nail down that perfect afternoon delight. It’s become habitual, but this time, I was frustrated. Couldn’t find anything I liked. Went and opened my fridge door to see if something else could inspire me.

Some bread (two slices, and one was the end piece. Damn.).

A tomato.

Oh, this mustard though. That shit’s good. Expired? Ah, son of an Alaskan thunder fuck.

I closed the door and grabbed my phone. With the search bar illuminated, I typed, “best sandwiches near me”. And after a few clicks, I landed on Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

Fuck, every nation thinks they have the best bread. We need some type of bread Olympics to determine the winner.

But, there are many differences that matter.

Anyway, the topic came up after my wife and I watched another Kardashian re-run where, for some reason, the topic of their Armenian ancestry was the focal point. It got me texting about Armenian food to see if I could find a joint that can live up to the Kardashian hype. They were hyping the shit out of Armenian food all episode long, and after all, they are as Armenian Rockstar as they come.

My buddy let me know about Lamajoun. After some quick research, this joint met my criteria for “cheap vacations” locally – what a perfect to way travel to Armenia without leaving my city.

Courtesy @smokehousesandwich (Instagram)

The Main Event

After reading a few reviews, I ordered and picked up The Goliath. It wasn’t an easy choice as there were tons of recommended options from people with far more sophisticated palettes. And, how could I not be sold on the description?

Samson and Billie topped with a Luigi + Egg. Salsa and Lettuce.

This is THREE sandwhiches (The Samson, The Billie, and The Luigi) merged into ONE. And then, you slide on an egg on it. Chef Rico made this sandwich for people like me. And, obviously, it did not disappoint.

You can tell that Smokehouse Sandwich Co. does not fuck around with their ingredients. Coffee crusted Beef Brisket brings out incredible beef flavour, pairing that with the saltiness of the Pork Belly is the ultimate 1-2 combo when it comes to sandwich meat.

Courtesy @Lamajoun (Instagram)

And it just kept getting better. The grilled Portobello Mushroom adds an interesting earthiness to the experience, with the fried egg and yolk providing the right amount of richness to bring it all together.

Seriously, the yolk was the thread that connected all these random party guests together. It runs all over the ingredients and pulls the sandwich together. The ultimate team player who is so subtle but so necessary. Without the yolk, this sandwich would be an insanity. Chef Rico knows his shit.

Courtesy @Lamajoun (Instagram)

Suggested Mood: ENERGIZED

T&S Tours recommends you feel energized when sampling Lamajoun. Take a look for the perfect complement or contact our travel experts for help or guidance.

Overall Satisfaction


Frank is couch locked.

I paired The Goliath with a side of Crisps (thin cut potato chips fried in olive oil). I fucked up here; not by the selection of side, but by the way I transported it home. The Crisps were supposed to be that much needed “crunch” factor for my sandwich; but alas, I kept them covered and they became a little soggy. Admittedly, if they were crispy (like they were supposed to be), they are the perfect side.

After devouring the sandwich (and my, sadly, soggy crisps), I felt very satisfied. This sandwich is truly one for the ages. I can see why some reviewers branded The Smokehouse Sandwich Co. as makers of some of the finest sandwiches in Richmond. I highly suggest this joint when you are in the mood for an amazing sandwich.

This experience is a solid 4.5 out of 5, and definitely worth the trip.

Travel safe,

Frank @ T&S Tours

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