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Hi. Frank here from T&S Tours.

So, Saturday rolled around and after I sparked, I was texting with a friend about Middle Eastern food. He’s from the Middle East (Lebanon), and he promptly corrected me by stating that the Middle East’s cuisines can’t simply be stroked with one broad brush – there’s a ton of complexity that is often overlooked. Of course, there are some overlaps in certain ways food is prepared, sauces and spreads, and breads –

Fuck, every nation thinks they have the best bread. We need some type of bread Olympics to determine the winner.

But, there are many differences that matter.

Anyway, the topic came up after my wife and I watched another Kardashian re-run where, for some reason, the topic of their Armenian ancestry was the focal point. It got me texting about Armenian food to see if I could find a joint that can live up to the Kardashian hype. They were hyping the shit out of Armenian food all episode long, and after all, they are as Armenian Rockstar as they come.

My buddy let me know about Lamajoun. After some quick research, this joint met my criteria for “cheap vacations” locally – what a perfect to way travel to Armenia without leaving my city.

Courtesy @Lamajoun (Instagram)

The Main Event

I had a voracious appetite, armed with my friend’s instructions that simply stated, “get everything”. I pulled up to find that Lamajoun was neatly tucked away in an industrial area. Now, you wouldn’t think that this place was anything fancy at all. It’s the definition of a “hole in the wall”, which (in my experience) is directly related to the authenticity of the food experience. I knew I was about to get some legit Armenian food – the Kardashians would be proud.

Check out the ordering counter.

Courtesy @Lamajoun (Instagram)

It’s as simple as simple gets. I started to work my way through the menu, getting distracted a few times by all the options available. I gave up and leaned on the expertise of the shop-keep who hooked up some solid advice. In the end, I ordered the following:

  • Lamajoun (Beef); ultra-thin yeastless, sugarless dough topped and baked with amazingly delicious sauce, ground beef, fresh red peppers, tomato sauce, garlic, and parsley.
  • BBQ Chicken Thighs; finger licking, tender chicken thighs with red pepper grilled on fire, wrapped in freshly baked lavash flat bread with onions and greens.
  • Pide (Beef): large dough “boat” with delicious sauce, ground beef, fresh red peppers, tomato sauce, garlic, and parsley.
Courtesy @Lamajoun (Instagram)

The dude told me that everything was made to order, so it did take some time before it was ready. And when it finally arrived.

Holy. Shit.

I am not fucking around when I tell you that this was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Period. Like, not even best Armenian, or Middle Eastern, or whatever food. Just the best food, period.

They called the Lamajoun a “pizza”. Fuck pizza, man. This is not pizza. This is a fucking Lamajoun. The beef was so flavourful, and the dough was something I have never had before. It was light, thin, and crispy. It just melted in my mouth.

Next came the Chicken Thighs. It was a generous portion of thighs that were barbequed to perfection. The roasted peppers and other vegetables were the perfect complement, and the Armenian style yogurt was the perfect cut into the charred and juicy chicken pieces. The bread was soft and fluffy. Fuck, I was living the lavash life, for sure.

The Pide was something that I recognized from my trip to Istanbul a while back. Think of an open-faced calzone, loaded with beef, sauce, and spices. At this point I was pretty full, so I tucked most of my Pide away for later, but man, it did not disappoint.  

Suggested Mood: RELAXED

T&S Tours recommends you feel relaxed when sampling Lamajoun. Take a look for the perfect complement or contact our travel experts for help or guidance.

Overall Satisfaction


Frank is fadeddddd.

If you can’t tell by this tour, Lamajoun is a must stop destination. If, like me, your opinion of Armenian culture is grossly clouded by the Kardashians, this will reset all negative biases. The Kardashian Klan was not wrong in hyping up the cuisine of their motherland.

We are so lucky that the best tastes of Armenia are located right in our backyard. Lamajoun will be a regular in my rotation moving forward, and it is one of the highest rated places in our hood for a reason. I can’t wait to sample other items, like the Kebab Wraps and Lamb Chops.

This experience is a shining 5 out of 5; absolutely worth the trip. What are you waiting for?

Travel safe,

Frank @ T&S Tours

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